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The 3-Step Process of Manifesting

When we near the end of a calendar year, I start thinking about why we wait until New Year’s Eve to make a haphazard resolution for what we want in the coming year.  What if we get more clear and deliberate on the direction we want for our life?  What about stepping into the flow of […]


What does your Stomach have to do with Immune Health?

Believe it or not, the stomach is the seat of our immune system in the physical body.  Probiotics and immune health go hand in hand.  When we are sick with the infection, we receive anti-biotics from the doctor.  Anti-biotics fight invasive bacteria systemically, but also in the collateral damage they kill the good bacteria we […]

Saliva Test for Hormone Levels

Saliva testing is just that, testing your saliva for all hormones.  A naturopath can furnish you with a kit for the specific hormone panel which you are wanting to test.  Follow the instructions exactly.  You will need to spit into a little tube several times a day over a series of days.  You would think […]


Thyroid Levels – You And Your Thyroid

Meet your best friend — your thyroid. If your thyroid isn’t functioning properly, little else in your body functions properly. This little gland sits at the base of your throat in the notch of your collarbone. It is often called the “butterfly gland” because of its shape. Our thyroid oversees every function in our body. An upset thyroid will […]

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Stress and Hormone Function

Stress is an unavoidable part of our world and our life. As individuals, we are starting to understand more and more that when we experience stress it has an impact on our physical body and our health. Some of the hormones in our bodies are designed to help us deal with stress. The adrenal glands produce adrenaline. Most […]

How the Vega Test Works

The machine which my ND uses is roughly the size of a common kitchen toaster.  It sits on the desk and has several small compartments.  Into these compartments are dropped sealed vials which contain, for example allergens or homeopathic substances.  The substances would be pertinent to whatever you are being tested for. The patient then […]

My Experience With Vega Testing

When I visit my ND, I am tested for yeast, hormone balance, thyroid, stress, B vitamins and organ function (kidney and liver).  It has been my experience that these tests have often accurately indicated the beginning of a problem before my GP found it, and conversely, I have had my GP find a problem, and […]

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You and Your Doctor

It is so important to have clear communication with your family doctor. The patient needs to do their best to explain their symptoms or concerns to their family doctor.  And, ideally, the family doctor will take time to explain things in terms which the patient can understand. This is the ideal situation, but it is sometimes […]

What is Vega Testing?

Vega or Voodoo??  Vega testing is considered a controversial method, however it is used by many Naturopathic Doctors (NDs).  Studies have been done by experienced Vega practitioners which drew inconclusive results in determining whether or not test subjects had allergies.  Many articles on the web dispute the Vega’s efficacy, but I feel that a decision […]