Over the years, as I was being diagnosed, treated, and in recovery for my hormone-related health conditions, I found that reading other peoples’ stories of recovery/management were really helpful.  I often found a clue for myself, or an idea that put me on another path to healing.

That’s why I took the step to start this website as a place to share my story, in the hope that some part of it might help someone else.  It’s taken courage to step out and be so personal in front of the world.

I’ve had a fairly complex health history my whole life.  My first ovary was removed by emergency surgery when I was 9 years old,.  At age 21 I was diagnosed with a difficult thyroid condition called Graves Disease with accompanying adrenal burnout.   My specialists determined that my Graves Disease had gone undiagnosed for a long time, but it couldn’t be known for how long.  I was told that if I had been born in the era of my mother or grandmother, that I would likely not have lived to see my thirties, because there was already so much wear and tear on my internal organs and musculoskeletal system.

Then at 33, my second ovary was removed by emergency surgery as well.  Which began immediate surgical menopause, and another layer to my journey.

As my life progressed, and my self-study and self-advocacy progressed, I began to understand somewhat what was happening for me.  And I did my best to navigate my life.

What I noticed was that in trying to achieve a workable balance in hormone function,  I was very sensitive to chemicals in my food, on my skin and in my environment.  So I started researching and finding alternatives particularly for the regular personal care items that we all use.  Shampoo, moisturizer, makeup, to name a few.  I noticed that as soon as I used products that contained parabens, in particular, I broke into hormonal symptoms of migraine, nausea and hot flashes.

It’s been decades… and I still wash my hair in egg yolks and honey.  The only cleanser I use for my skin is coconut oil.  I use baking soda for deodorant, etc.  You get the picture.

In my life, I spend more time reading ingredient labels than anything else!  My husband calls the grocery store my ‘library’ because I am constantly lagging behind him reading labels.  But you know what…when we work so hard to balance long term situations, this is one of many things we do to support our health!

I have learned to love the person that I’ve become through my experiences.  It wasn’t always that way.  I spent a long time feeling and believing that my body was my enemy and it was out to betray me at any moment.

In my spiritual journey and awareness I’ve come to understand that this of course, is not true.  Our bodies contain infinite intelligence and wisdom.  And if we dial in and become partners with our physical selves, that’s when a healing journey truly becomes holistic.

It’s common to talk about ‘owning’ our life story.  I’ve owned mine for a long time and for me, writing this website is a way of doing the opposite.  It’s a way of releasing myself from my story.  I’ve come to the conclusion that these things that have occurred can’t just be for my own learning and benefit.  There must be something, or many things, in my story that can serve others.  And that has turned out to be true.

Thank you to everyone who encouraged me start this website years ago.  This community is where I share my experience and what I’ve learned, that worked for me, in advocating for myself over the years.