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Blood Test for Hormone Levels

Having your hormones tested is critical if you are experiencing symptoms of hormone disruption.  Testing gives a starting point for treatment and understanding of what your body is doing.

Thyroid testing – this is done easily as a blood test requisition by your family doctor.  However, be aware that requesting general blood work, does not include thyroid levels.  The thyroid must be requested and tested separately.  Be sure to ask your doctor if the requisition includes a Thyroid test.

Cortisol testing – Cortisol is also easily tested through a requisition from your family doctor.  Like the Thyroid, it must be noted separately on the requisition, otherwise it will not be included.

Sex Hormone testing (progesterone, estrogen, testosterone) – These blood tests are not commonly requested by a doctor unless there is a suspicion of a woman entering menopause.  Having these levels tested, even when not in menopause, or long after menopause has occurred, can be important in managing your optimal health.  If your doctor is reluctant to request these tests, go to a Naturopath and request saliva testing.