Cocktails and Mocktails

The Wino That I Know!  Trying to cut down on alcohol consumption for both health and calorie implications is always a good idea.  However, it can be easier said than done.  Men are built to tolerate alcohol better than women (this is NOT an encdorsement, by the way).  However, with one drink, alcohol affects many systems in a woman’s body, not the least of which are hormone imbalance, sleep disruption, the triggering of sweats and hot flashes, to name a few.  Add to this the extra pounds and doesn’t it make you wonder why we do it?   Sometimes it is as simple as a force of habit, or the ‘ritual’ of cocktail hour.  I discovered this while trying to cut down on my beloved 5:00 martini(s).  I realized that a big part of the ritual for me was putting ice in the martini shaker, adding the ingredients and then pouring the exlixir into an ice-cold fancy glass.

So here’s I do now and it has really helped me find a new happy hour rythmn.  Ahead of time, I make home brewed iced tea.  I often use a fragrant or delicious fruit herbal tea, or my favourite green or black tea.  Put it in the fridge to get ice cold.  Try not to add sugar, as this defeats the whole purpose of taking in a healthier drink, but if you must sweeten, try to do just a little bit, or use Stevia.  At “martini time’, put the ice in the shaker (love that clinking sound!), add the beautiful iced tea, shake the dickens out out of it, pour into your favourite frosty fancy glass, add a twist of lemon or lime and enjoy!  In my experience, everyone starts to ask me what I’m drinking and they feel a bit jealous because it looks so delicious!

If wine is your poison of choice, try this trick:  pour purified water into your wine glass and add one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar (or more if your taste demands).  Apple cider vinegar has that pungent fullness of flavour which we often crave from our glass of wine.  It also contains phenomenal health and weight loss benefits.  Cheers!