Do or Diet!

Well, we’re nearly half-way through January.  Who has kept their resolution?

I always say I refuse to make resolutions.  However, my obsessive-compulsive inner voice can hardly contain itself.  I think we all feel that a new year means a time for drastic changes in diets or bad habits.  With stuffing and gravy now just a faint memory, what does a resolution mean to you?

Start small.  Make one change that you can commit to and incorporate into your daily life to become a new habit.  For example, exclude one bad thing from your diet, like soda pop, and make that commitment a part of your life.  Don’t ‘try’…just ‘do’.  When I find myself reaching for a Diet Coke, my brain says “right…I don’t drink Coke anymore”.  Once you have that one thing mastered, move on to something else.

Before you know it, by next New Year’s you’ll have a few new strong habits under your belt — and maybe a little less belly fat!