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Heather’s Story

I’m Heather Gagne’ a mother of two grown children, a Gramma and Homemaker. I got married at nineteen and have been married now for thirty years! Almost twenty years ago I was diagnosed with a Disease called HYPOTHYROIDISIM.  I was thirty years old then.

Before being diagnosed I can remember getting up each day and wondering how I was going to make it through the day with two young children. One of our children was ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyper Disorder).

My husband had his own Company and that required a lot of his time….so he was working long hours each day and gone! I was so tired and exhausted, gaining weight very quickly and depressed but didn’t know it at the time. I didn’t want to be around anyone and felt anger towards people if they even phoned.

All I wanted was to be left alone and everything was very overwhelming to me. It was my own Mother who is like a Sister to me and we are very close that noticed something was terribly wrong with me. Mum suggested going to the doctor and talking about what was happening. I had no idea what to say to the doctor and so I just explained how I was feeling at the time.

I really thought she was going to think I was NUTS or CRAZY! My regular Doctor was away and so I went to her replacement. Fortunately, Dr. Margo Link (I will never forget her name) actually sat and listened to me and told me she would do some test to find out what was wrong! When my regular doctor had returned from pregnancy leave she asked me why all these tests and so I explained to her how I felt and what was happening in my life.

She felt I was too young to have a Thyroid Condition and mentioned if the tests come back normal we could try Prozac!!! I wonder if she would have ever done those tests for me if she was the Doctor I had first gone to see. It was such a relief when the Doctor phone and said I was Hypothyroid.

I didn’t know what that was at the time but just grateful to know something was actually wrong! Now I had a name to go with how I felt. I was put on Synthroid which is a Synthetic Hormone that most Doctors put their patients on.

The medication helped somewhat but it’s never the same. Years later I was reading in our local Newspaper, information from a Naturopath. It was mentioned that if your Ferritin (iron storage) is low then your thyroid won’t function properly.

Your levels should be around 90 and I have my levels checked and I was at 4. It took me almost two years to bring up my levels. I actually emailed the Naturopath and he mentioned that I should be taking Desiccated Thyroid Hormone because it has t3 and t4 and it’s natural. ERFA is the company in Canada. I asked my Doctor to switch me to this thyroid hormone two years ago now.

I feel a lot better being on this compared to the Synthyroid. Being on the Desiccated Thyroid Hormone has helped me with Thyroid Disease symptoms that I still had such as brain fog and hard to concentrate, hair loss, weight gain, etc.  I still struggle with weight issues and it’s something that I continue working at.

I have educated myself over the years on this disease and have found that Alternative Medicine has really helped me. There is so much information now through books and the internet that a person can help heal themselves and feel better.

Take charge and control of your own Health and remember nobody knows you like yourself!

Recently I purchased over the Internet a DVD – Dr. David Brownstein’s OVERCOMING THYROID DISORDERS – 52 million Americans Suffering, 59 Debilitating Diseases and Your one tiny Thyroid . . . (Excellent DVD). Dr. Brownstein is a doctor and Naturopath. His own father suffered and had Thyroid Disease! I highly recommend joining his website as there is lots and lots of info. Books, DVD’s, etc.

You can purchase these from his website as well. The Video Documentary shares exactly what you can do to protect yourself and family from the little – known dangers of Thyroid Disorders now linked to 59 diseases and conditions.

We all need to educate ourselves about this disease. I look forward to sharing info. and ideas on Brenda’s Website & hope that we can share our experience with others so it may help them!