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Hormone Test Results

Hormone Test Results – what you should know that no one will tell you!

Test Results – Whether you return to your general family doctor, or to your Naturopath for results, the doctor will explain to you what the results mean.  Here is an important thing to consider.  Sometimes, test results will show that your levels are in a “normal range”, and this may lead your doctor to say that all is well and send you on your way.  Sometimes, to feel optimal, you may need your level to be in the lower or higher end of the “normal range”.

This happened to me with my last thyroid test.  The normal range is considered 0.5 – 5.0.  My test came back at 4.85 so my doctor said I was normal.  I explained that I still was not feeling well.  The symptoms I had been enduring had lessened somewhat, but I was not feeling the fullness of health and well being.  After some research, and speaking to another doctor, it was recommended that I try for a level of 1.0 – 2.0.  As of the time of writing this article I am working towards this score and am feeling progressively better as weeks go by.

Moral of the story – you know your body better than anyone.  Listen to your symptoms and if you don’t feel well, keep going back to your doctor, keep talking, or get a second opinion until someone works with you to find your body’s optimal level for health, regardless of what is considered normal for the entire population.