How the Vega Test Works

The machine which my ND uses is roughly the size of a common kitchen toaster.  It sits on the desk and has several small compartments.  Into these compartments are dropped sealed vials which contain, for example allergens or homeopathic substances.  The substances would be pertinent to whatever you are being tested for.

The patient then holds a metal bar in one hand.  The bar is attached to the machine by a cord and the bar itself is similar in size to the barrel of a curling iron.  The tester holds the electrode, roughly the size of a pen with a small metal ball on the end, which is also attached to the machine by a cord.  The probe is placed on a pressure point (such as the side of your middle finger by the first knuckle) and the meters on the machine immediately measure your body’s response to the substance in the vial.

If a patient is being tested for allergies, the practitioner will use many different allergen vials alone and in combination with each other to try to pinpoint the problem as accurately as possible.

The tester monitors the meters to see if the reading is “normal” or if it “shows” an imbalance.  The ND will then use this clue, along with the other information gathered at your appointment to determine a course of action or further testing.