My Experience With Vega Testing

When I visit my ND, I am tested for yeast, hormone balance, thyroid, stress, B vitamins and organ function (kidney and liver).  It has been my experience that these tests have often accurately indicated the beginning of a problem before my GP found it, and conversely, I have had my GP find a problem, and the Vega test has confirmed the findings.

During one testing session, the Vega indicated an imbalance in my thyroid, which until that point had remained at a stable level for 10 years.  A blood test with my family doctor showed no change in my thyroid, until six months later when I returned to my family doctor for more blood work which showed my thyroid level which had been unchanged for 10 years had now nearly ceased to operate.

On another occasion, my blood work told my family doctor I had a strange viral infection manifested itself later in small boils on my skin.  Before the boils appeared, I went to my ND for a Vega test without explaining my GP’s findings.  The testing indicated a viral attack on my entire body symptom.  From this test, my ND advised me that the virus may reveal itself through erupting boils on my skin.

Vega testing is one of those things which is best for each person to discover for themselves if there is value.  Because it is a completely painless and non-invasive test, what is the downside of trying it?  It may prove to be that extra piece of information that assists your ND in a more accurate diagnosis.