Our ‘Dietary Inner Child’

August 25, 2011 — Feeling stressed and aggravated with life in general, I dove into a plate of perogies and sour cream for lunch today.  Perogies are my new ‘go to’ food (used to be KD)  I knew I would feel worse after my indulgence, so why do we still do it?  Health guru, Dr. Amen, says our dietary inner child is directed by sugar and the key to side-stepping cravings is to make sure our blood sugar levels stay steady throughout the day.  I didn’t have a proper breakfast and by lunchtime was feeling quite desperately hungry.  Too late for my inner child.

A little trick that I have used to avert a craving is to simply take a tablespoon (or two) of a high quality, cold-pressed oil — olive oil, avacado oil, sesame oil.  These good-for-you oils are high in nutrients and great for our ‘good’ cholesterol.  It helps with the craving because this high quality fat satisfies our hunger pangs for the moment — actually giving our inner child a time out — so we have a moment to breathe and make a better dietary decision for ourselves.