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Reiki Testimonials – Brenda Thompson

“I’ve never achieved such a complete sense of relaxation”
Terry, Los Cabos, BCS Mexico

“As a Reiki Master myself, I am adept at conducting and reading the energy flow through the body.  Experiencing this session was a truly heightened experience beyond what I expected.”
Anne S., Las Vegas, NV USA

“For the first time in 50 years, my life makes sense.”
Cheryl A.,  Los Cabos, BCS Mexico

“I had a session while visiting Mexico on vacation.  I have a new sense of peace that stays connected to me, even in everyday activities”
Selma M., Vancouver, B.C. Canada

“I’m very familiar with breath work and yoga.  However the peace I find during a yoga session, doesn’t seem to translate into the rest of my life.  Through this therapy I have found a profound sense of connectedness with myself.”
Mary T., Calgary, AB Canada