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Saliva Test for Hormone Levels

Saliva testing is just that, testing your saliva for hormones. Why use a saliva test instead of a blood test?

Blood test for hormones measures the level of a particular hormone as it is circulating throughout your body.  However there is always a portion of your hormone level which is “unbound”  and bio-available.  This means that a quantity of hormone is readily accessible and usable by the cells in your body.  This level is not captured in a regular blood test.  When we are supplementing our hormone health with a natural therapy, it can take weeks, and sometimes months for the level to show in a blood test, even though our bodies are using the hormones immediately.  A saliva test gives a picture of what your hormone levels are right now!

Whether you visit your Naturopathic Doctor for a kit or if you order at At-Home kit online, you must be careful to follow the instructions exactly. Depending on which hormones you are wanting to test, you will need to spit into a series of little test-tubes several times a day over a series of days. You would think you will never run out of saliva, but it can be surprisingly challenging to collect the amount that the sample requires. Just be patient with yourself, and allow a few minutes of quiet during collection.

Once your collection has been completed, your test is then returned to the Naturopath, or returned per the instructions in your At-Home test kit.  Your results are forwarded to a lab and you will have your results within one or two weeks, depending on how far afield the lab is from your home town. Saliva testing is not generally covered by government medical plans, but it may be covered under your corporate benefits. Check with your administrator.