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Scheduling Exercise Time

How on earth am I supposed to fit exercise into my life? I have no time and even less energy.

The first fact to consider is that our bodies need some kind of exercise. We are designed to move. When we exercise, our muscles flex and squeeze toxins out of our tissues, we drink more water which helps to hydrate the cells of our bodies, and chemicals which make us feel good and happy are released in our brains, making us feel just a little better about life. Exercise is not only good, it is critical to our recovery from hormone health issues.

Here are the first steps to incorporating exercise into your already busy life:

1.         Stop feeling guilty about not exercising. Just stop it right now.

2.         Talk to a friend who you know will be sympathetic and supportive. Just talking about your intention to exercise and saying it out loud will help you get started. Maybe your friend will even exercise with you.

3.         Look at your life realistically and decide how much time and energy you can commit at this moment. Not everyone’s life allows them to hit the gym five days a week for two hours. If your life does allow this, stop reading this article and grab your gym pass!

4.         Whatever you decide you can do, however small, just do something. Get off the elevator one or two flights before your floor at work. Park at the far side of the parking lot when you go to the mall.

5.         As you become more active you may want to schedule some dedicated exercise time. This scheduling can be very challenging in our hectic work-a-day world. The best way I have found is to take out my weekly planner where I track all of my appointments and commitments during the week. I plot my exercise times into my schedule.   Once written down, it feels like an appointment with myself. With this method, I do still miss some of my exercise times, but I do manage to keep most of my appointments with myself.

Once you start exercising more regularly, you may still have times where you just feel too exhausted or time-squeezed to get your exercise in. Here are two little tricks I play on myself to get through:

1.         I make a deal with myself that I will start my exercise, let’s say the treadmill.  I tell myself I will do it for 10 minutes and then permit myself to quit.  At the end of 10 minutes, I almost always feel more inspired and I continue on for the full time.

2.         If your heart really isn’t into your workout, just go through some of the motions and do a little bit. If you normally walk the dog all the way to the dog park, just go around the block instead. Doing these pared-down sessions may not raise your heart rate, but it will keep the momentum of your exercise plan going and you will feel so much better about yourself tomorrow.