The 3-Step Process of Manifesting

When we near the end of a calendar year, I start thinking about why we wait until New Year’s Eve to make a haphazard resolution for what we want in the coming year.  What if we get more clear and deliberate on the direction we want for our life?  What about stepping into the flow of the process of Manifesting?

I do love looking up the dictionary meaning of ordinary words to which we think we know the meaning.  Here’s what is says about Manifest:  “clear or obvious to the mind or eye” and “Show by one’s acts”.

So this would seem to say that manifesting is about connecting with what we truly desire from within ourselves, taking some time to visualize what that looks like and then…most crucially…taking action to move toward it.

Let’s look at three easy steps to make this happen:

1.    Take some time to free-flow think about your life.  Sounds simple, but we don’t really do it.  This is not meditating, or listening to positive mindset material.  This is sitting quietly and thinking about yourself and your life.  If you’re like me, I’m pretty consumed with the needs of others, and sitting alone thinking about myself is a really interesting exercise.  It’s the only way to get quiet enough to hear that voice inside us that has all the wisdom and knows the path toward exactly that which we desire

2.    Spend some time in nature.  This is so important to help us connect with our place in the cosmos.  It’s where we realize we are something infinite and amazing.  When I fly, I love taking pictures out the airplane window.  I have quite a collection of city skylines and beach coastlines.  Even a great one of the Golden Gate Bridge on a rare clear day.  But this night shot still overwhelms me.  At 30,000 feet, to see the curvature of the earth and endless universe beyond was a most spiritual experience.  This amazing universe.  So beautifully and wonderfully within and around us.  Small things fall away and one can’t help but think about what we want our days to look like.

3.   Back down to earth!  We’ve spent time connecting with what we want, we have perspective and focus from spending time in nature and now we want to get deliberate.  Now comes the Action part as stated in the dictionary definition.  A great tool to use is a Vision Board.  This is where you create a collage of the things you would like to attract into your life.  Cut pictures and phrases out of old magazines and glue these to a piece of poster board.  Then place it somewhere prominent so you can see it regularly.

So here’s the truth of it…we are ALWAYS manifesting with our thoughts, our words and our actions. You will be blown away at what comes to pass through this exercise of intention.