Use Your Common Sense

Warning bells should go off in your head if your ND wants to make drastic and immediate changes to your current medications or treatments initiated by your family doctor. Sometimes, with natural therapy, some people are able to reduce or eliminate certain medications, but it is a slow process which must be monitored carefully by both your family doctor and your ND.

At the end of your appointment, your naturopathic doctor may make several suggestions for vitamin or treatment therapies based on the findings of your appointment. Most naturopaths have a “pharmacy” in their office containing vitamins, minerals and tinctures (liquids which are dispensed with an eye-dropper under the tongue). It is in this pharmacy that your ND may compound a specific remedy for you.

You may be given several recommendations for therapies to purchase. I have found some naturopathic doctors to be quite aggressive in their approach to having me buy their recommended products at the close of an appointment. At some points in my life, my financial situation simply would not afford the purchase of everything that was recommended. In this case, I have simply asked the doctor “If I can purchase only one of all the therapies which you recommend for me today, which would it be?”.   I have employed this strategy many times and it has always been met with a positive result.

In conclusion, your treatment plan should make sense to you and your lifestyle.   You should feel comfortable with your ND, and confident that your concerns and questions are being heard. Take some time to research the new information you have received from your appointment.

Your Naturopathic Doctor is your partner in preventative and proactive health care.