What is Vega Testing?

Vega or Voodoo??  Vega testing is considered a controversial method, however it is used by many Naturopathic Doctors (NDs).  Studies have been done by experienced Vega practitioners which drew inconclusive results in determining whether or not test subjects had allergies.  Many articles on the web dispute the Vega’s efficacy, but I feel that a decision on effectiveness should be left up to the individual and her ND.

Vega is the name of a machine which was developed by German physician, Dr. Voll, in 1958.  In technical terms, the machine works on the theory of “energetic pathology”.  This theory holds that a physical body’s first symptom of imbalance is an electrical charge.  In layman’s terms, the technology works similarly to a lie detector test.  If you are not familiar with the test, the first time you submit to it can seem a little bit “voodoo”, but all it really does is measure the electrical charges at a body’s acupuncture points.

The Vega machine will indicate if there is an imbalance in some component of the body’s chemistry.  It can test for chemicals, hormone levels, food allergies, vitamin and mineral deficiency, virus, organ stress (heart, liver, and kidney), yeast in the system.  It is very important to ask if the person using the Vega is a qualified and experienced practitioner.

When a ND uses the Vega test, it is only part of the diagnosis.  The doctor must deduce possible problems and solutions based on many factors:  patient’s appearance; patient history; current ailment complaints; and, the Vega test.

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