Your First Visit To A Naturopathic Doctor

On your first appointment the ND (naturopathic doctor) will take time to gather a wealth of information from you. An accurate and detailed patient history is absolutely critical for getting good care. If you are unsure of a procedure, or you don’t understand the value of a particular question or treatment method…ask! A good ND will take the time to make sure you understand everything that is going on and will respect your wishes if you do not want to proceed in a certain direction.

Be completely honest with your ND. Tell him/her about all the medication you are taking at the moment, including dosage amounts. Better yet, bring the bottles along. Don’t be shy – men, if you are taking Viagra, let the doctor know! Also, don’t try to edit out any bad habits during your history-taking. Be honest about alcohol, drug use and how many times per week you hit the fast food drive thru. Your ND needs the real picture to be able to have a positive effect on your health.

The reverse is also true. When using a naturopathic doctor to complement your health care, be sure to explain what you are doing to your family doctor and any other medical specialist you may visit. To be honest, some GP’s are not excited about a naturopath being involved, however more and more, mainstream medicine is coming to accept that we, as informed patients, are using alternative methods. If you are on any special naturopathic therapies or medicines, your family doctor must be made aware.